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Using the Enneagram to improve communication, conflict resolution, connection and understand common relationship patterns.

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Enneagram Workshops For Couples Therapists & Coaches


June 6, 2024
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Powerful methods to help your toughest couples

Introduction to the Enneagram Class


TBD – stay tuned!

If you are newer to the Enneagram, this class is for you! Whether you are a therapist, coach, couple or individual, you will learn about the common dynamics in relationships and how to evolve to become your best self.

Coaching for Couples

Do you want to better understand the Enneagram-related patterns that are coming up in your relationship? Would you like tools for better communication and understanding?

Common Enneagram Communication Patterns

Learn about communication, conflict resolution and connection for each type!

Other Resources


Enjoy Michelle’s Podcast all about Couples Relationships and the Enneagram.  Click here to tune in!

Michelle’s Book

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Downloadable Enneagram Audio

Would you like quick information on how the 9 Types present in relationships, both strengths as well as challenges? Click here!

Couples and the Enneagram Relationship Inventory

Still deciding what your dominant Enneagram Type could be?  Take this free questionnaire, designed to narrow it down for you based on your experiences in relationships!

The Enneagram and Development for Couples Certification Program

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