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.Michelle Joy, M.A CET is a certified Enneagram teacher, one of the many tools she brings to help couples understand and transform relationship patterns.

She has been helping couples for almost 2 decades by combining the Developmental Model (via The Couples Institute) and the Enneagram.

From this she created her approach called “The Enneagram & Development for Couples©“, a powerful and innovate combination to helping individuals and couples advance to higher levels of health within their Enneagram Type. 

She taught this approach at the 2019 International Enneagram Conference entitled, “Couples & The Enneagram”.

Michelle is a regular columnist author for the popular print, Enneagram Monthly, and creator of the Couples and the Enneagram Relationship Inventory (CERI)©, a guide to help identify one’s Enneagram type based on experiences in their relationship, as well as guidance to grow to be the best they can be. 

You can learn from Michelle on her Couples & The Enneagram Podcast, her Facebook Page or Private Facebook Group for Therapists and Coaches or her virtual Enneagram workshops for couples and trainings for therapists. 

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