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Michelle JoyMFT is a couples’ therapist and a certified Enneagram Teacher. She is a leading expert in combining the Enneagram to help couples’ relationships with an approach she founded, called “The Developmental Enneagram for Couples” designed to help couples with communication, conflict resolution and connection.

Michelle has been specializing in helping couples (based in Silicon Valley, CA) for nearly as long as she has been studying the Enneagram – almost 25 years.  She also leads Enneagram workshops, communication and premarital workshops for couples, coaching or therapy for couples and trainings for therapists on how to help more couples.

She has presented her framework to several recent IEA conferences, and has been a guest speaker for a variety of webinars,  global virtual programs, podcasts, and is hosting a 2024 Virtual Enneagram Summit designed for people in the helping profession.

“This is the sort of stuff that you want all couples to know. Michelle’s synthesis is the best application of the Enneagram to intimate relationships that I am aware of.” ~Rezzan Huseyin, The Practical Enneagram Podcaster

Michelle has been a regular columnist author for the popular print, Enneagram Monthly, and creator of the Couples and the Enneagram Relationship Inventory (CERI)©, a guide to help identify one’s Enneagram type based on experiences in their relationship, as well as guidance to grow to be the best they can be. 

You can learn from Michelle on her Couples & The Enneagram Podcast, her Facebook Page or her virtual Enneagram workshops for couples and trainings for therapists. 

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